Should I Buy A MacBook Pro Or A Windows Laptop ?

Should I Buy A MacBook Pro Or A Windows Laptop ?

If you are very much into coding, designing, sound editing, photo editing and less of gaming then a MacBook is the best laptop for you……’s literally weightless…..easily portable……..good battery life………you can charge your laptop in anyone of the four ports………really good sound quality and a mind blowing display. The touch bar and the touch ID are the best features in today’s MacBooks. The touch bar is really comfortable and looks really good. The touch ID is fast. They keyboard is robust and the key travel is a bit longer than most of the windows laptops and that’s one of the reasons why typing in a Mac is really comfortable,easy and fast. The trackpad is humongous in size and you have to rest your palm on it while typing but it has palm rejection and does not register a click by mistake.

With some advantages comes few disadvantages:

1. Very expensive

2. You need to pay atleast 1.2L for a 15 inch display with reasonable storage

3. You need to buy and carry an adaptor everywhere coz all the ports are USB Type-C……many say all devices will have only type -c ports in the future. But it’s perfance is less when compared to a USB 3.1.

4. Highly slippery. So a casing is required.

5. Mac’s generally heat up a lot

So, if your looking to buy a laptop with high end specs and cheaper budget I would recommend switching to Windows but overall MacBooks are really powerful and a cool laptops worth buying.

In Windows you get

1. i7 Processors

2. 8 GB DDR4 RAM

3. 1080p display resolution

4. Minimumof 4GB graphics

all these specs at around 60 – 70k. These are the minimum specs required in now-a-days gaming laptops. Windows laptops used only for professional purposes also have almost the same specs. You can dial down to i5 and 4GB of RAM(NOT RECOMMENDED) but I’d advice you stick with the above specs.

5. Most of the gaming laptops around 70–80k are equipped with Nvidia Geforce GTX 960M that is more than enough to run games released until 2017. The latest games lag a little but when the graphic settings are kept to low then they work fine with no issues.

In Windows I would recommend any laptop in MSI, HP Omen series, Lenovo Ideapad or the legion series, Asus Rog strix series, Acer Predator…………..when it comes to more of professional uses then it would be the HP envy series and the spectre models are really good………..the above models are my favourite ones you can choose from a wide variety of products based on your liking.

Based on your requirements and budget you can choose between Mac’s and Windows laptops.

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